O'Donnell Alliance, LLC

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new consulting business called O’Donnell Alliance, LLC. Our goal is to help you through the permitting process in the City of Philadelphia.

We are a 'Woman Owned business' with the skill set needed to get your plans from conceptual design to approved status.

After 35 years of experience through the spectrum of reviews from both the Streets Department and L&I, we feel confident that we can assist you in a professional expedient manner.

We are capable of working with all scopes of construction. We look forward to a wonderful working relationship with you and success for all concerned.


  • Site Plan Review
  • Inspections
  • Expediting
  • Code Interpretation
  • Work Zone Logistics within the Right of Way
  • Street Closures
    • Private Development
    • Utilities
    • Helicopter Lifts
    • Cranes
    • Special Events